Sneaky peeks!

Well we are certainly being kept very busy this year! So much so that really this blog hasn’t had much attention. Actually, no attention! We are going to try and rectify that very soon. In the meantime though, we thought you might like to see some of our work in progress shots. Every cake is so different. Can you guess which cake they’re ending up on?

12645089_496820703833212_9009926863500096332_n 12729289_502528933262389_1705986908627564055_n 12744025_506552649526684_3414557561380556273_n 12805774_511989312316351_4739058947041548749_n 12932681_522085917973357_6296273017601810819_n 12974323_529222127259736_1801576037733340252_n

Thanks for reading.