Prices and servings guide



Below is a guide to our starting prices and the number of servings our most popular cakes provide. The servings guide is based on party sized slices of 1″x 2″ for standard party cakes, and 1″x 1.5″ for wedding cakes. For a rich fruit cake it would be normal to serve smaller pieces. Of course, if you would like to serve larger portions please bear that in mind when choosing your cake size!

We take a deposit of 50% of the agreed price of a cake to secure a booking. The balance is payable on or just prior to collection, depending on payment method. In the case of a wedding cake, the balance is due 2 weeks before the date of the wedding (but the same booking deposit applies). We issue invoices by email via PayPal for the deposit and the final balance and these can be settled online by PayPal, by credit or debit card, by bank transfer or by cash delivered to our business address (see contact page for details).

Standard round or square celebration cakes

The table below shows our starting prices for an iced flavoured sponge cake with simple decoration. Complex designs and modelled figures and toppers will increase the price. Some cake flavours such as rich chocolate, red velvet and fruit cake for example will also be more expensive as their ingredients cost more than a basic sponge cake. This guide is based on a standard depth 2 layer cake of around 3″ but a deeper cake can be made of 3 or 4 layers and we would be happy to discuss serving sizes and prices accordingly with you.

Single tier cakes

Round   7” 8” 9” 10” 12”
Square   6” 7” 8” 9” 11”
Servings   18 24 32 40 60
Starting price   £75 £80 £90 £100 £125


Two tier cakes

Round   4″ & 6″ 5″ & 7″ 6” & 8″ 7” & 9″ 8” & 10″
Square   3″ & 5″ 4″ & 6″ 5” & 7″ 6” & 8″ 7” & 9″
Servings   20 25 35 48 62
Starting price   £85 £95 £110 £140 £150



Carved and 3D cakes

Carved and 3D cakes (for example a car shaped cake or an animal) start at around £110 but as the possibilities are endless please get in touch to discuss your requirements and for a quote.


Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes by their nature are very personal and therefore usually quite bespoke. Accordingly prices can vary greatly. As a guide to some of the more popular configurations, for an iced flavoured sponge cake decorated in a simple manner, our starting prices are listed below. Fruit cakes and certain flavours such as rich chocolate or red velvet for example add to the price, as do complex designs and decoration. These prices and servings guides are based on a standard wedding cake depth of around 4″ and assume each cake to be made up of 3 layers. Deeper cakes can however be made and we would be happy to discuss servings and prices with you. These prices include delivery and set up at venues within the locality of Bishop’s Stortford but all logistics and additional charges will be discussed as part of the planning process. Taster cakes can also be provided as part of our consultation process for a charge of £10, which is redeemable against the final price once a booking is confirmed.


Tiers (round)

7”-10” 5”-7”-9” 6”-8”-10” 6”-9”-12” 8”-10”-12”

Tiers (square)

6”-9” 4”-6”-8” 5”-7”-9” 5”-8”-11”


Servings (approx)

75 75 100 135 165

Starting price

£250 £300 £350 £400 £450



Cupcakes start at £1.50 each for orders of up to 30; £1.25 each for orders of 30 or more. This would be for a simple piped buttercream swirl or rose.

Cupcakes with a small simple decoration or topper are £1.75 each (£1.50 for orders of 30 or more).

More complex toppers and designs can be discussed and quoted for.

Cupcake bouquets start at £25 and are made up of 7 cupcakes.