On Trend

Unicorn Cakes

This has been around for a year or so and seems set to remain for a good while yet! There are so many varieties out there of this but here are a couple we have done recently:

Mirror Glaze

Who knows if this trend will continue into 2017 but we hope so! Gorgeously glossy, deliciously chocolatey and oh so shiny! LOVE!

Drip Cakes

Inspired by the likes of Katherine Sabbath, Cakes By Cliff and the Unbirthday Bakery the latest trend for ‘drip’ cakes is really taking off. And we can understand why – if you’ve got a sweet tooth and a love of chocolate this is the kind of cake for you! You can get creative with these too. Here are some we have done recently:



Naked Cakes

Without a sugarpaste coat it has become common for a┬ácake to be known as a ‘naked’ cake. These look beautiful and sophisticated and can be kept quite plain or incorporate fresh fruit and flowers for added glamour. The sky is the limit with flavours but the most popular choice is to keep it simple. These appeal to all ages. Here are some examples: