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I do struggle to find the time to blog. I’d love to ramble on about baking, or certain cake creations. I think you might find some of it interesting, maybe. It’s just that the order book is so full I just don’t have time to put pen to paper… or fingertips to keys, I suppose.

I follow a LOT of blogs. Mainly cake related, some Mummy or parenting related and occasionally some other random topic that catches my eye. Some people have the ability to write so eloquently. I don’t. But I would like to try! Baking and cake decorating blogs are great. I have learnt sooooo much from them. And if I come across a cake related problem or quandary,  the answer is usually in a blog and often complete with illustrations and instructions too! Perfect! They’re reliable because they’re real life experiences and I like that.

I came across a new blog recently. I quite like it! And not just because he featured one of our cakes in a blog post. Take a look for yourself at and give him a thumbs up. And you can read about our T-Rex cake in the birthday cakes post.

Here he is by the way….

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Squashed cake crumbs in a napkin? No thank you!

How many times have you as a child, or your own children come home from a party with a little plastic loot bag and a bit of birthday cake wrapped up in a napkin? Do you remember how amazing the cake looked as everyone sang ‘happy birthday’ and candles were blown out? It was a masterpiece, perhaps even a Crumbs & Candles masterpiece!

Now, what’s in that napkin? A little piece of that masterpiece? Possibly. But after it’s been hurriedly cut and wrapped, shoved in a party bag, bunged in the back of the car or rammed in a parent’s pocket, who knows?! It’s cake, but a bit squished and warm and stuck to the napkin. Not particularly appetising.

So it’s not surprising that we are finding people are looking to make life a little easier for themselves and avoid that cake cutting hassle. Why wrap a piece of a cake art in a paper napkin anyway? It’s bound to end up in the bin! What a waste of time and money. And good cake!! Why not let your guests have a delicious cupcake, individually boxed that will make it home in one piece and can be enjoyed as good cake should be.

No cake cutting required. …No paper napkin remnants in your squished cake. …No waste of an expensive cake.

But you still need something to stick a candle in, right? True. You have to sing to the birthday girl or boy after all! A small cake can do that job just fine. It can be themed,  it can be simple, it can be imaginative. And it can be enjoyed after the party by the birthday boy or girl and their family once all the guests have departed. And the cupcakes can be designed to coordinate with the cake.

We have done a lot of coordinating cakes and cupcakes recently. Here’s a few of our favourites.



Mario Karting…

IMG_3744 IMG_3768

Thomas The Tank Engine…

Thomas Thomas cupcakes

Oreo & Friends…

IMG_3996 IMG_3994

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Sneaky peeks!

Well we are certainly being kept very busy this year! So much so that really this blog hasn’t had much attention. Actually, no attention! We are going to try and rectify that very soon. In the meantime though, we thought you might like to see some of our work in progress shots. Every cake is so different. Can you guess which cake they’re ending up on?

12645089_496820703833212_9009926863500096332_n 12729289_502528933262389_1705986908627564055_n 12744025_506552649526684_3414557561380556273_n 12805774_511989312316351_4739058947041548749_n 12932681_522085917973357_6296273017601810819_n 12974323_529222127259736_1801576037733340252_n

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Welcome to Baker’s Bites!

Welcome to our blog! Here we will endeavour to let you know what Crumbs & Candles are working on, share some ‘must have’ tips for your  home baking and cake decorating and chat about our love of all things cake! We hope you enjoy reading….