Blog about a blog

I do struggle to find the time to blog. I’d love to ramble on about baking, or certain cake creations. I think you might find some of it interesting, maybe. It’s just that the order book is so full I just don’t have time to put pen to paper… or fingertips to keys, I suppose.

I follow a LOT of blogs. Mainly cake related, some Mummy or parenting related and occasionally some other random topic that catches my eye. Some people have the ability to write so eloquently. I don’t. But I would like to try! Baking and cake decorating blogs are great. I have learnt sooooo much from them. And if I come across a cake related problem or quandary, ┬áthe answer is usually in a blog and often complete with illustrations and instructions too! Perfect! They’re reliable because they’re real life experiences and I like that.

I came across a new blog recently. I quite like it! And not just because he featured one of our cakes in a blog post. Take a look for yourself at and give him a thumbs up. And you can read about our T-Rex cake in the birthday cakes post.

Here he is by the way….

Thanks for reading.