Allergen information

Our cakes use ingredients that may contain the following allergens:

Gluten (e.g. in flour)

If you have a particular dietary requirement please discuss this with us prior to ordering.

We are able to offer options that are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten, nuts, dairy or soya. Please note, however, that these cakes are made in the same kitchen, using the same equipment as standard cakes and in a kitchen where nuts are present and used in some recipes. Special dietary requirement cakes are never made alongside standard cakes and all equipment and surfaces are cleaned thoroughly prior to commencing, with every effort made to ensure that they are as ‘free from’ in their production as is possible under these circumstances. Please note also that all ingredients are stored in sealed packaging and that new packs of butter and margarine are used for such cakes to minimise risk of cross contamination.

If you are interested in ordering a special dietary need cake, please ensure that you fully understand the above and ask all the questions you need to satisfy yourself that the cake would be suitable for your requirements.  Prices are quoted on request.